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Patient Testimonies  1/7/2008
by Hanneh Rudkilde

After a year of extreme stress it reached a level I where I needed support. By coincidence I ended up with Marco at the Mandala Integrative Clinic and that was the beginning of a delightful journey, not only to heal the effects stress, but more importantly to learn how to handle it better in the first place.

As I found myself checking off almost every symptom of a depression I realized I needed help. I was prepared for a long journey, but in no less than a couple of weeks Marco had me on the road back to my normal self.

Spending time at the Mandala Integrative Clinic has changed the way I look at illness, health and healing. It has encouraged a new lifestyle which I take joy in striving towards.

Marco not only treats the immediate disturbance; he gently dances with the personality of each patient, guiding you to the root of ill health, engaging you in the effort to transform run down energy and plant new seeds of preventive health along the way.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs may do wonders, but it is the practitioner himself that makes all the difference. Marco is a scientist and an artist, a healer and lover of his profession: A profoundly inspiring modern day medicine man.

I’m not sure if it’s the Acupuncture, the Chinese herbs, Marco’s Questions or Suggestions, but somewhere amidst this assortment of nurturing the natural forces of healing are stimulated and a movement towards health is initiated.

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